KTK Corporation Co., LTD. acts as an intermediary between transportation and airline companies, hotels, tourist offices and all other contractors providing services for tourists. Additional expenses incurred due to delays, accidents, natural disaster, political action, and unrest must be borne by the clients. Programs and tours prices are based on the situation at the time of printing this proposal and could be subject to change due to local conditions.  Participation in our tour programs implies the client’s agreement with the above. We reserve the right to amend or alter any of the conditions herein without notice from time to time and at its sole discretion.

KTK Corporation Co., LTD. 的職責是運輸公司、航空公司、酒店、旅遊辦事處以及所有為遊客提供服務和其他承包商之間的中介。因延誤、事故、自然災害、政治行動和動盪而產生的額外費用必須由客戶承擔。行程和費用會依照當時的情況有所變動。參加我們的旅遊方案意味著客戶同意上述條款。我們保留在任何時候修改或更改條件的權利,恕不另行通知。