Phu Langka Forest Park,

Phu Langka Forest Park

Phu Langka Forest Park is the only viewpoint spot to admire the sea of fog in Phayao Province, especially at the field of Dok Khlongkhleng – Osbeckia stellata Buch.-Ham. ex Ker Gawl. – which is usually in full bloom during July – December. It is located at Pha Chang Noi Sub-district with a height of 1,700 metres above sea level, covering an area of 7,800 rai.

Kwan Phayao,

Kwan Phayao

Kwan Phayao is situated in MueangPhayao District in Phayao Province. It is the biggest freshwater Lake in Northern Thailand and the fourth biggest in Thailand after BuengBoraphet, Nong Han Lake and BuengLahan. The word “kwan” in Thai dialects means “lake”. Kwan Phayao is a natural lake with a mountain range in its backdrop.

Tan tong waterfall,

Tan tong waterfall

Tan Thong Waterfall It is not a high waterfall, but it is a flow of water that falls down a lot of small and huge rocks. It look beautiful.  The rest area is available along the stream. The food is a casual service. It is a grocery store in the village. The way to Than Thong Waterfall is the same way to go to the village of  Ban Mae Kampong. Before Ban Mae Kampong It is a village of Tarn Tong Village.

Wat Analayo,

Wat Analayo

Wat Analayo is one of the more interesting hilltop wats in Thailand’s north. The temple is set on the first range of low hills, more or less opposite Phayao town on the far side of the lake. The wooded hillside houses an eclectic collection of Buddha images, shrines, pagodas and halls and is set in lush tropical gardens with a real jungle feel to them.