Wat Thung Setthee,

Wat Thung Setthee

The field of rich Temple was established from the idea of Luang Ta Yam Daeng that he wanted to build the Dhamma retreat. When he left the Buddhist monkhood, he dressed white clothes with a red bag carrying on his shoulder and behaved himself as when he was a monk so his disciples still called him Luang Ta. And since he usually wore the red bag and sometimes dressed with red clothes, he was called the red bag monk.

Phu Wiang National Park,

Phu Wiang National Park

This national park always reminds tourists about dinosaurs. Indeed, nobody had formerly ever though the Isan plateau was once home of dinosaurs. Until 1976 when a uranium survey team discovered a piece of fossil, which was examined by French specialists and declared that it was a left knee bone of a dinosaur. After that, serious execration has never ended until now.