Pattaya Beach,

Pattaya Beach

It is about 3 kilometres long Beach. There is a shady road along the beach. The north beach is quite a quiet place that tourists like to go swimming and chilling. Pattaya Beach is the most famous beach in Pattaya. It is a center of marine activities for those who come to rest such as sunbathing and water sports

Jomtien Beach,

Jomtien Beach

The Jomtien Beach is four kilometers away, a delightful retreat from the crazy life of the main city. You can take shelter in shade offered by trees, sunbathe along its golden sand, or eat at beachside restaurants. Water babies can experience all types of water activities.

Koh Lan,

Koh Lan

The gorgeous Koh Lan Island is home to a few of the most beautiful shorelines. A 45-minute ride by the ferry will take you on white sandy shorelines. Diving into completely clear waters of the beach will give you an opportunity to enjoy a rich marine life sustained here, as well as, a large assortment of appealing and bright corals.

Koh Si Chang,

Koh Si Chang

This small Island was previously a favorite haunt for three of Thailand’s former monarchs and a harbor for many freight carrying boats and vessels. Visitors can enjoy a one-day Trip or spend the night here. The main community is situated on the eastern side of the island, close to the Tewawong Pier.